Mission Statement

The European society of heart and lung transplantation is a leading organisation providing education for medical professionals involved in heart and lung transplantation. Because of the rapid advances in medicine in general, and transplantation medicine specialty, transplant professional are in need of regular opportunities to update and maintain their knowledge of the advances and changes in transplant medicine. This meeting is designed to address their needs. The educational goals of this activity are to enable participates to learn about current practices, emerging technologists and medical advances, relating to heart and lung transplantation and end-stage of heart and lung disease and to provide a forum for participate to engage in discussion, debate, and examination regarding efficacy and applicability of these current practices, emerging technologies and medical advances.

The conference provides several opportunities for audience participation including case presentations, young investigators presentation section, and abstract submission and there is a young investigator prize. It also includes and pro and con debates and several academic presentations from distinguished clinicians in the field.


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